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We aren’t against giving our kids treats by any means, but this year we decided that since all of our kids would be going to multiple Easter Egg hunts and getting more candy than any toddler needs from those, sugar-free Easter baskets were definitely the best option for us. Between the two of us we have both boys and girls so we put together some options for both genders that any toddler is sure to love.

For the baskets we got a few bigger toys/items that we knew our kids would use and wouldn’t be a waste of money, but that were still relatively inexpensive. We were able to find most of the items online so you can click on it and buy it yourself! The few things that weren’t available online we have just noted where we found them so you still know where to find something similar.

toddler boy easter basket


  1. Kids smoothie cup
  2. The cutest kids books by Oliver Jeffers
  3. Bathtub fishing pole
  4. Bubbles

For the eggs we did smaller toys that were really low priced but still pretty cute

toddler boy easter eggs

  1. Assorted soft balls- Target dollar spot
  2. Miniature frogs
  3. Assorted soft balls – Target dollar spot
  4. Animal finger puppets
  5. Miniature rubber duckies
  6. Rubber ball- Zurchers Party


For the girls baskets we did more of a beach/summer theme because they spend a lot of time in Las Vegas at the pool. We thought it would be really cute if instead of using a basket you use a beach bag or a purse for the girls, that way its something that can be used multiple times instead of just once a year.

Toddler girl easter basket


  1. Easter Egg pens- Zurchers Party
  2. Delightful Dreams Disney Princess book
  3. Frozen beach towel
  4. Floral swimsuit


And the girls eggs…

toddler girl easter eggs


  1. Animal finger puppets
  2. Miniature flashlights- Zurchers Party
  3. Disney Princess rings- Zurchers Party
  4. Miniature dinosaurs- Zurchers Party
  5. Miniature geckos- Zurchers Party
  6. Disney Princess stamps
  7. Rubber people- Zurchers Party
  8. Miniature skateboard- Zurchers Party
  9. Animal finger puppets



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