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Our Story

You know tTiger Daisy Diaper Bags For you And Your Childhat moment when you have two tiny kids, and you find yourself digging through this giant chaotic bag full of everything you own? You know, the one that has binkies, two different sizes of diapers, cheerios crumbling at the bottom attaching themselves to some mysterious sticky substance, a random baby sock, all of your stuff, and then a million other things that have decided to congregate in this small area? Yes, your diaper bag.  Well that is how our story began. I had two little girls ridiculously close in age (20 months to be exact). I had to carry so much stuff around with me that my diaper bag was starting to turn into a really scary version of Mary Poppin’s bag.  Then on Thanksgiving day, my one year old started coughing like crazy. Worried about my brand new baby getting it, we decided to take her to the hospital.  We left my new baby with my mother in law, and took the one year old with us, but there was a problem.  We only had one diaper bag. One gigantic, messy, full of everything I owned diaper bag.  And guess what, I had two babies.  I needed my diaper bag for my one year old, and my mother-in-law needed it for my newborn.  So basically I had to just dump half of my stuff in their entryway and wish them luck.  That is when Mark, my husband, came up with the double diaper bag. Named after the two little ladies who inspired this bag, Brooklyn Tiger and Sierra Daisy.

How it works:

Two smaller bags zip together at the top with our patented zipper and clip together at the bottom to become one regular sized bag with double the pockets.  You can use this bag in any variation you choose.  Some people use each side for a child, and some people use one side for their own stuff, and the other side for their child’s stuff. Our goal is to make your life easier and more organized. As you try our bag we know that you will catch yourself saying, “why hasn’t this been around forever!” It will make your life easier and you will spend A LOT less time searching for your keys, snacks, the right bottle etc…