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Jade Wilson
February 18, 2015

This bag has transformed my life and helped me to be more organized. The two bags have really helped me to keep my two kids things in order and help me to find that binky when I need it. Thank you Tiger Daisy.

Tiffany Meir
February 23, 2015

I am a working mom and this bag has been the perfect solution for me. I have to drop my my son off at daycare everyday and it is so nice to be able to keep his things in one side, and mine in the other. I then can leave his things with him and at the end of the day all I have to do is attach the bags back together before we run errands. No more carrying a purse and a diaper bag everywhere I go. I love that this bag is classy looking so nobody at work even notices that I'm carrying a diaper bag.

Sara Nelson
February 23, 2015

This bag is a great product and great quality for the price. 2 bags in one is how I look at it! I recommend Tiger Daisy!

Laura Hogge
March 12, 2015

I love the versatility of my Tiger Daisy bag. I can keep my things separate from my daughter's (one bag for me, one bag for baby) or just use one bag for a lighter load. Since it doesn't look like a traditional diaper bag, I can totally rock it at the grocery store without my child. And a bonus-- my iPhone fits perfectly in the velcro side pocket, so I never find myself fishing through all the interior pockets for my phone.